Claim Billing

Our experience has been that practices who are not aware of the billing process, who do not understand receivable management, and who “wash their hands” of the billing portion of their businesses, have lost control of their money. They are at a higher risk for experiencing low collection rates, increased denials, and closer scrutiny by third-party payers. 

Healthcare Receivable Management & Consulting, Inc. along with our Billing Specialists thoroughly understands:

  •  CPT and ICD-9 coding
  •  How claims are processed (and who is processing those claims)
  • What the Insurance Company’s policies are that may impact the collectability of accounts
  • How to read and understand the EOB’s 
  • How individual patient accounts are managed 

Results of thorough knowledge:

  • Billing Promptness
  • Increase Revenue by Expediting Claims
  • Increase Productivity
  • Electronic Billing
  • Increasing Paid Claims
  • Reduce or Eliminate Denied Claims
  • Reduce Appeals
  • Decrease Days in A/R
  • Reduce or Eliminate Office Expenses